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Since its foundation in 1978, the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences of Torino has pursued its mission to discover, interpret and disseminate knowledge about the natural world through a broad programme of scientific research, education and exhibitions.

Our unique collections and expertise are being made available to promote a greater interest in the preservation of the natural heritage and to raise public awareness about the ever-increasing need to safeguard and sustainably use natural resources.

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donna che guarda pannello
rinoceronte che cammina nell'erba

Did you know rhinoceroses were used to roam across the land currently called Piedmont?

Spring 1880: excavations for the railways line ongoing around Dusino San Michele, in the stretch from San Paolo Solbrito to Villafranca d'Asti, brought to light the almost complete and well-preserved fossil remains of a... rhinoceros!
Researchers from the Institute of Geology of Turin, who rushed to the site, found themselves dismayed in front of the majestic skeleton of a two-horned rhinoceros, that had been roaming across those lands, emerged from the warm waters of the Pliocene marine gulf of the Po Basin, three million years earlier.

Scientific sections

Get ready for small and big discoveries!

Retrace history: go back 3 million years, be astonished by gigantic archaeological finds, marvel at tiny things by admiring thousands of insect and invertebrate specimens. Lose yourself in the endless shapes and shades of natural wonders.

The specialist library has 19,000 volumes and approximately 1,250 periodicals

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scheletro nel museo

The museum

The Regional Museum of Natural History of Turin was established by Regione Piemonte, as a first-order administrative division on Piedmont territory, in 1978.

The mrsn is accredited for the initiative

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Metro: Porta Nuova
Bus: lines 6, 13, 18, 24, 55, 56, 61

How many things can one learn about the natural world? Find it all out at the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences!

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