The Museum Itinerary

To discover, interpret, and disseminate knowledge of the natural world

The Zoological Natural History Museum

Naturalised specimens from the historical collections of the University of Turin plus recently discovered finds, all of them of major natural and historical value, are exhibited in this hall according to their area of origin, thus offering a kind of ideal tour around the world.

At the very heart of the exhibition stands Fritz, the Asian elephant ~ donated by the Viceroy of Egypt to the Savoy family in 1827 ~ that had been housed in the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi for many years.

Dettaglio di Rinoceronte esposto presso il Museo, foto di Simone Benso

The ark of explorations

The hall called "The Ark" offers an overview of the past and present naturalistic journeys, revolving around the iconic skeleton of a whale stranded on the beach of Bordighera in the mid-19th century. Naturalist explorers have always played a key-role when it comes to natural history museums; the MRSN therefore is now giving them well-deserved recognition, since increasing public awareness of the value of biodiversity has become a matter of urgency.

Foto panoramica dell'Arca delle Esplorazioni, foto di Simone Benso

The Hall of Wonders

Collecting, classifying and investigating specimens are the main goals of modern natural history museums, with scientific collections at their beating heart. The historical and contemporary collections of the MRSN are a treasure chest of immense value, both for the uniqueness of the exhibits and as essential resources for assessing changes in ecosystems. A selection of the richness and variety of specimens from the museum’s storerooms is displayed in the temporary exhibition hall.

Visione prospettica della Sala delle Meraviglie del Museo, foto di Simone Benso


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